Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tony McVey 1/18 Gorgosaurus

Tony McVey´s sculpts have an instantly recognisable quality. I´m very pleased to own some of his rare pieces. This is one of my favourites. A 6-piece kit (tail, body, lower leg, lower leg attached to base and 2 arms), it was keyed with male/female joints and went together like a dream. The upright running pose was altered into this more aggressive, forwardly leaning lunge  in order to portray the animal just about to snap up an unfortunate juvenile lambeosaur ( - as yet to be finished).

A fossil-hunting trip to Gram clay-pit, where the remains of  Miocene whales have been found, provided me with a suitable background for photographs of a thirsty Gorgosaurus hurrying down to water for a drink. 

Finished 01.10.2004.

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