Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shane Foulkes 1/18 Ceratosaurus

This 7 piece kit (head, body, 2 arms, 2 lower legs, tail) fit together extremely well, with male7female keyed joins so tight that puttying was almost unecessary. Furthermore, there was hardly any flash and there were no casting blemishes whatsoever.
 The exquisitely fine skin detail on Shane´s 1/18 Ceratosaurus makes it a favourite amongst my finished pieces. Intended to be paired with an accompanying Kentrosaurus kit to represent a potential prey-item, I mounted mine on its own to portray a less predatory behaviour - scratching an itchy flank up against a lakeside tree trunk. The lake has receded leaving a dry bank, some flotsam and a damp, muddy border indicating that water is not far away. Bakker´s 2004 paper on the possibility of piscivorous habits among ceratosaurs was influential here.

Finished in 206/2007, with some updates to the tree in 2009.


  1. Sorry, but would you sell the ceratosaurus? I love it!