Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Shane Foulkes´ first 1/18 Iguanodon.

This was the first ever Dinosaur model-kit released by Shane Foulkes and his Cretaceous Creations of America back in 1995 - 5 years before I even became aware of the Dinosaur modelling hobby.
I know I was very lucky to get hold of one of these 7 piece kits (lower jaw, body, 4 limbs and tail, plus a base) and it still pleases me to see it amongst my collection.

The old kit was completely re-skinned to give it a more pebbly-scaled hide and the separate middle three fingers on the fore-limbs were altered to unified "mitts", bringing it a little more up-to-date.

A "tail-flash" was added for visual communication with other Iguanodon, at the same time livening up my otherwise predictably dull colour-scheme.

This Iguanodon has slopped her way across a treacherous marsh to get at some tasty greens. Her hands and feet are mired with the black ooze that will later bog her down on her return journey - depriving her of life but ensuring that her fossilised bones will be found on the south coast of England 130 million years later for us to wonder and marvel over.

Finished 01.11.2005.

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