Friday, 5 July 2013

Kaiyodo 1/20 vinyl Chasmosaurus.

This is the only vinyl model I´ve ever built and I struggled somewhat assembling this 10 (?) piece kit, not being used to the material. I also fell short of my own expectations when attempting to portray this Chasmosaurus in a marshy environment. At least it is finished and I can always go back and improve it later. Perhaps a larger base might help, so that the animal can be presented at a better angle, along with some more patterning on the body and head to add a bit more visual interest.

One thing I did like was the head sculpted for this kit. Chasmosaurus has an impressive "billboard" of a parietal crest and surely there must be little doubt that it was and is an attention-getter. Avoiding commonly portrayed "roundel" colours on the foreside, I went for an overall maroon red which I imagine might become brighter when the animals reacts to a threat stimulus. I also painted black and white "flashes" on the rear of the frill - like those on the ears of tigers, which might function as alarm signals for any other Chasmosaurs should the head and horns be suddenly tipped forwards in aggression or defence.

This last image of the model isn´t all that bad.

Finished sometime in 2005 or 2006, I think.