Monday, 4 February 2013

1/20 Centrosaurus, sculpted by Jorge Blanco.

When I saw the one-of-a-kind original sculpt of this animal by Jorge Blanco, over at the sadly now defunct Dinosauricon, I really felt the need to add a second of his reclining Dinosaurs to my collection. I got in touch with him and eventually he was persuaded to make some castings which were released as this kit with only the horn to be glued on. Ceratopian fore-limb posture is still under debate and Jorge´s reclining pose "skips" so very neatly around the subject. It also inspired me to place the beast in a setting as if it has backed into what it feels is a safe place to rest.

This proved to be a very photogenic model and I´m pleased with how it turned out.

Finished in 2004.

1/35 Feathered Tyrannosaurus (chicks)

This one piece casting, sculpted by Michael Lovejoy, is no longer available.
I painted mine to represent two Tyrannosaurus rex youngsters squabbling to establish a pecking order.

Finished 14.07.2004.