Saturday, 7 December 2013

Shane Foulkes 1/18 Parasaurolophus.

One of my major areas of interest is the Campanian paleo-fauna and flora of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. That´s why I own four castings of Shane Foulkes´s now out-of-production 1/18th sculpt of Parasaurolophus walkeri, - a very impressive 8-piece kit, fitting easily together thanks to Shane´s male-female keyed joins. As with all my other kits from Shane, there were no de-gassing bubble holes on mine, just some virtually invisible mould seams to remove with a scalpel and needle file. Believe me, Shane certainly sets the bar high for both quality of product and of service. You can also see that he did a fantastic job capturing the character of this animal moving at some speed bipedally, whilst also keeping the torso low enough to hint at a more habitual quadrapedal gait.

I finished one of my kits years ago, but it still awaits a permanent base. I have plans to mount it being chased by another animal (still a work in progress), nor have I been able to find a base large enough and to my liking. A rushed temporary base was pressed into service for showing at Wonderfest, Louisville, Kentucky, USA in 2009.

The model also featured in my 2011 "Dinosaurs are here"" exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Gram, Denmark.

Some images with natural settings.

Isolated and confused by an approaching storm Parasaurolophus runs into the path of a patrolling Daspletosaurus.....
(The envisaged final diorama for Parasaurolophus will differ substantially from the above.)

...... and just why do I have so many castings of this kit? Here´s why . . . . .

Finished ..... sometime in the future.