Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Shane Foulkes 1/18 Edmontonia (w.i.p.).

One of my favourite sculpts by Shane Foulkes. The 8-part kit (body with head, 2 shoulder spikes, 4 limbs, tail plus a terrain base) was very easy to build and all parts were cast in the top-notch quality that singles Shane´s products out from the rest of the market.
I have BIG plans for a diorama with this model.
The base will need to be hefty and at least a metre long ..... and my lack of this is my excuse for such an impressive kit lying unfinished in my storage for so long that it shames me.
Remains of Edmontonia are found in the Campanian sediments of Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation, Alberta and it was a contemporary of Gorgosaurus libratus, so this kit is a keeper to be added to my collection - hopefully in the not too distant future

I´m going to post a few w.i.p. images here and now, updates will follow if and as and when I get any more work done on it.

I can understand why there are so many reconstructions of nodosaurs and ankylosaurs bedecked with ivory/grey osteoderms - it creates a visually interesting effect. However, my own inclination is to promote the concept that the hide of these animals was more akin to that of crocodilians, whose osteodermal armour is covered with integument homogenous with the overall colouring and patterning of the beasts. What you see here is just the first speckling, things may well get even darker and duller by the time I´m finished.

Aposematic warning colouration on the belly and head will liven up the otherwise drab colouring.

This is where things are to date, February 2014. Everything painted white is merely base-coated and will not remain so.

More to follow, as and when .....