Saturday, 22 December 2012

1/20 Albertosaurus, sculpted by Charlie McGrady

Charlie McGrady´s 1/20th scale Albertosaurus was my first "big" kit and taught me a lot about puttying, re-sculpting detail and how to join heavier resin parts. Leg and tail pieces were pinned with brass screws and glued with 24-hour epoxy for the strongest possible joins. A challenging 10-piece kit, well worth all the effort it took. The knees were re-sculpted to lean the animal farther forward and downward than the original pose.....

Hot-glue strands and some epoxy made some slobber, Komodo-Dragon style.

Why is Albertosaurus leaning down and drooling like this?....
.... could be it has scented this juvenile nodosaurid doing it´s utmost to hide in that fallen hollow tree-trunk?
(I sculpted the 2.5cm nodosaurid myself from some left-over putty).

Finished 04.07.2004.