Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Alonso 1/24 Tyrannosaurus

Juan Carlos Alonso´s 1/24 scale kit of a running Tyrannosaurus kit has been out of production for some years, so I´m both glad to own one and also sad that I didn´t get my hands on its "companion piece" depicting a standing animal gulping down a large chunk of deceased hadrosaur - seen here in an old image from Sean Kotz´s Creaturescape fanzine.
The kit consisted of 7 parts :- lower jaw, body, 2 lower legs, 2 arms, tail; and it went together pretty easily with minimal putywork to disguise the joins.
Slightly exaggerating the height of the lacrimal horns on my Alonso 1/24 running Tyrannosaurus with some modelling-putty, I made it resemble something much closer to my interests - a Daspletosaurus in 1/18. These horns were painted in light creamy and blue-grey tones to accentuate them and re-inforce the impression that they would have been useful for visual signalling under shady forest canopies of the Campanian. Making them stand out even more, the rest of the animal was painted in a colour scheme combining elements of a Doberman Pinscher or Rottweiler and a Cockrel.

 An old chopping block served as a base, with a scenic setting modelled to represent the damp, leafy ground of a forest clearing on a fluvial plain. Having spotted something more than a little interesting, the animal is hurriedly skirting a dead, fallen tree and some still-water brimming with algae.

Finished 14.05.2005.

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