Wednesday, 21 November 2012

1/35 Lambeosaurus lambei, sculpted by Greg Wenzel.

Greg Wenzel´s sculpting style hits the mark with me almost every time I see his work. His 1/35th scale Lambeosaurus lambei is amongst the favourites in my collection. Nothing to do with the fact that I dropped my one-piece casting onto a stone floor, shattering it into a dozen pieces and the consequent success at re-assembling it like a kit, hiding joins and re-sculpting mysteriously missing bits. Not at all....

 I honestly find this sculpt simply charming. Lambeosaurus seems to be prancing as if spooked by our approach. The slightly opened mouth revealing the animals tongue is expertly crafted. That heavily wrinkled hide matches fossilised skin-impressions. Even a raised casting blob running down the left flank painted up really well to look like healed scar-tissue from a failed predator attack. The piece is packed with interesting details. I painted mine with disruptive camouflage-patterning suited to the dappled light of the flood-plain forests it inhabited during the Campanian in what is now Canada. 

Finished in April 2004.

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