Tuesday, 20 November 2012

1/18 Kritosaurus sculpted by Jorge Blanco.

Jorge Blanco´s 1/18th scale Kritosaurus is expertly sculpted and cast in a single piece of solid resin. It really stands out amongst all the "roaring-running" Dinosaur kits and I applaud Jorge´s depicting a behaviour more typical of much of the lives of most animals - his beast is simply at rest and seems all the more real for it.

Kritosaurus came cast lying on a plinth depicting a rocky outcrop. To make the animal more comfortable, softer contours were carved and then covered with a blend of powdered tea and small dried-herb leaves. This female Kritosaurus has scraped some of this bed of warm rotting vegetation over her clutch of recently-laid eggs - behaviour seen among crocodylians and even some birds in order to facilitate incubation of their young.

Jorge did a great job capturing the impressive, noble profile of this animal with it´s characteristic snout shaped like a "roman nose".

The model was mounted on a solid slice of granite. Very heavy, but looks good.

Finished in October 2003.

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