Thursday, 23 January 2014

Krentz 1/12 Styracosaurus

I´m a big fan of Dave Krentz´s sculptures and this 1/12 th (?) scale Styracosaurus, produced for the Sideshow Collectibles "Dinosauria" range, encapsulates his strong points. Dave is an expert at conveying dynamics - look at this inanimate piece of resin and doesn´t it convey an immediate sense of the transference of weight in motion? Don´t you get the impression that this is an animal "strutting his (or her) stuff"? Dave has a knack for imbueing his sculpts with a vey strong sense of animal individuality bordering on "personality" (he has, after all, worked for years as a character designer). This sculpt simply oozes haughtiness,
"Pretentious? Moi? Huh!"

I couldn´t resist re-painting my piece with my own colour-scheme, more fitting to my personal vision of how this impressive animal may have appeared in life.

To my shame I haven´t added the intended final detailing (my life had to alter course a few years back), but here´s how it looks in a state of near-completion.

Hoping to put the finishing touches to this one before summer 2014.....

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